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Phase 0 Wrap-up

In early 2022, the Link21 Program is transitioning from Phase 0, “Program Definition,” into Phase 1, “Program Identification.” This transition point marks a major milestone for Link21.

Progress Made

We’ve accomplished a lot in the first two years of Link21. Laying a solid foundation at the outset will streamline the Program during subsequent phases. Read the draft report on the Link21 Team's work during Phase 0. 

Phase 0 included a full market analysis, which was completed in 2021. Read the draft Market Analysis Summary Report for a high-level summary of the market analysis work performed in support of the Link21 Program. 

Keeping the Public Informed

The Link21 Program will transform the passenger rail experience throughout the Northern California Megaregion. During Phase 0, we hosted or participated in several events to keep the public informed. We gave people many opportunities to offer their thoughts on the Program and what good service means to them. Here’s a high-level overview:

Keep an eye on our events page to see where the Link21 Team will be next.

Technical Work

The Link21 Team has taken both a broad and deep view of how Link21 could transform the passenger experience for megaregional travelers. In addition to defining the Program’s Goals & Objectives, the Link21 Team has established the foundational building blocks that are shaping the Link21 Program.

Much more work has been done to define how the Link21 Program will shape up in the coming years. For example, we have started to explore markets, service improvements, train technology, and possible infrastructure opportunities and constraints.

Please stay tuned for more exciting information and opportunities to participate as we move into Phase 1.