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Link21 Partner Agencies

Link21 Sponsors

Link21 is sponsored by the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (Capitol Corridor).

BART and Capitol Corridor have secured partial funding to support planning and analyses. Estimates of the overall project costs are being developed and program concepts are being defined and developed. BART and Capitol Corridor are collaborating with partner agencies, jurisdictions, and stakeholders on Link21. 


For 50 years, BART has provided transit service to work, shopping, tourist attractions, entertainment, airports, schools, and other destinations for Bay Area residents and visitors alike. 

BART connects the San Francisco Peninsula with communities in the East Bay and South Bay. BART service currently extends as far as Millbrae, Richmond, Antioch, Dublin/Pleasanton, and Berryessa/North San Jose. Every day, BART serves people from around the Northern California Megaregion.

Visit the BART website.

Capitol Corridor

The Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority oversees the Capitol Corridor, a passenger train system that provides intercity passenger rail service along a 170-mile route to 18 stations in eight Northern California counties: Placer, Sacramento, Yolo, Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco, and Santa Clara. 

Capitol Corridor is a partnership among six local transit agencies that share the administration and management of the passenger rail system. BART provides day-to-day management support to Capitol Corridor.

Visit the Capitol Corridor website.

Link21 Partners

BART and Capitol Corridor have established the following advisory groups to help guide the Link21 Program. In addition to these groups, the Link21 Team meets frequently with additional agencies, jurisdictions, and other stakeholders.

State of California

The Link21 Program Team is working closely with the state of California, including the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) and the Caltrans Division of Rail and Mass Transit (DRMT), to realize a better passenger rail network as envisioned by the California State Rail Plan.

Freight Railroads

For Regional Rail service and infrastructure improvements proposed by Link21, we will need to work closely with owners of the rail rights-of-way, including Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway. While the focus of Link21 is to improve passenger rail travel, improvements to rail lines shared by freight and passenger trains can benefit the movement of both people and goods. 

Link21 Program Development Team

The Link21 Program Development Team (PDT) consists of Regional Rail operators, as well as transportation planning and funding agency partners. They are helping to shape Link21 by offering feedback on technical aspects of the Program. Senior staff from the Link21 PDT agencies meet regularly. The group is expected to expand as Link21 develops.

Link21 Executive Program Development Team

The Link21 Executive PDT consists of the executive staff from the same agencies that are represented on the Link21 Program Development Team above. This group meets biannually and/or at major milestones.

Link21 Program Development Team Communications Working Group 

The Link21 PDT Communications Working Group consists of agency representatives from media and communications departments and public information officers. This group meets regularly and/or at major milestones.

Jurisdictional Working Group

The Jurisdictional Working Group (JWG) consists of city and jurisdictional partners with a strong interest in Link21. Members of the JWG provide input to the Link21 Program with a particular focus on local issues, such as stations and land use. As the Program evolves, new members will be added to the JWG. This group meets quarterly or at major milestones.

Future Committees

BART and Capitol Corridor expect to establish committees in the future that focus on equity and environmental issues. As Link21 moves forward, BART and Capitol Corridor will work with stakeholders to identify the need for additional committees.

Equity Advisory Council

The Equity Advisory Council (EAC) is helping shape Link21's planning of train network improvements in the Northern California Megaregion. The EAC provides a space for meaningful community collaboration to advance equity throughout the development and implementation of the Link21 Program. To learn more, visit our Equity Advisory Council webpage.