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After initial data gathering, Link21 began development of potential train network improvements in early 2022 as part of Phase 1 activities. Current work is primarily focused on identifying concepts that include a new train crossing between Oakland and San Francisco, as well as service and infrastructure improvements for both BART and Regional Rail (Capitol Corridor specifically). Concepts were initially identified through data gathering, technical studies, a market analysis, and public input. These concepts will be continually assessed and refined to bring the Program closer to identifying recommended improvements.

Exploring the Possibilities

In fall 2022, we shared four example concepts:

  • Two Regional Rail Concepts
  • Two BART Concepts

We also assessed the potential of having both train technologies within a new crossing. Since that time, we have learned through further analysis that a single two-track crossing (either technology) meets the travel demand to 2050 and beyond.

Determining which train or vehicle technology goes in the crossing is an important step in identifying a future project to best achieve Link21 Goals and Objectives. To reach our desired outcome for service improvements, we are exploring different service and operational tradeoffs between train technologies and how they connect effectively to the larger network.

Concepts aim to provide riders with a variety of service benefits such as:

  • Connections to new communities and destinations
  • Potential for fewer and more convenient transfers
  • Improved travel time
  • More reliable travel options across the Bay and throughout the Megaregion

Throughout 2023, these concepts will be analyzed and refined to identify future solutions that take into consideration the region’s population, changing workforce needs and travel patterns, air quality and climate change impacts, and more. We are committed to identifying innovative solutions for better connecting and building upon the existing train network and service for future generations. Wherever you wish to travel, Link21 is working to reach new communities, address unmet travel demand, create better transportation solutions, and make riding rail a better, more equitable experience. 

A Look at the Concepts

View each concept under consideration below. Concepts demonstrate new tracks (thick lines) connecting to existing tracks (thin lines), transfer opportunities, new potential stations, and improved existing stations. Each concept allows for a variety of service improvements to transform future travel.

Select a draft concept

BART Train Technology in the Crossing
Concept A Regional Rail Salesforce Transit Center via Alameda

Service Benefits

  • Offers both Urban | Metro and Intercity | Express service on Regional Rail tracks
  • Prioritizes Oakland connection to BART over shorter travel time between East Bay and San Francisco
  • Creates new connection in West Oakland (transfer between Regional Rail & multiple BART lines)
  • Connects to Salesforce Transit Center offering riders an easy trip to the Peninsula/Silicon Valley