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Starting June 14 through July 19, visit our Online Open House anytime, 24/7, to learn more about our recent analysis of the different benefits the train technologies — standard-gauge (Regional Rail) and broad-gauge (BART) — can provide, such as service, mobility, and equity.


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A parent and a child sitting in a BART train both point out the train window with excitement.

Link With Us to Improve Train Travel for Future Generations

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A Capitol Corridor train sits at the Jack London Square station in Oakland with a large shadow encompassing half the platform.

Link21 Program Milestone

We’re nearing a Program milestone to determine which train technology — standard-gauge (Regional Rail) or broad-gauge (BART) — will operate in the new underground train crossing of the San Francisco Bay. We developed concepts in order to analyze the trade-offs and benefits of each train technology. 

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An aerial view in Richmond, California captures a sprawling residential neighborhood adjacent to the right-of-way for Capitol Corridor and BART service with multiple trains on the tracks.

Imagine a More Connected Future

A new train crossing connecting the San Francisco / Peninsula to Oakland / East Bay will provide more options for reliable travel and train service redundancy. Link21 will connect people to more megaregional destinations with increased access, frequency, and improved service.

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Traffic on Westbound Interstate 80 entering the Bay Bridge from Oakland/Emeryville to San Francisco

Working on Solutions for a Better Future

Alongside megaregional partner agencies, we’re reimagining a more connected future that links housing to jobs, school, recreation, and essential services through a more seamless train system.

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Attendees in Golden State Warriors gear smile in excitement as they interact with staff hosting a Link21 information table.

Committed to Advancing Equity within the Megaregion

Link21 is working to develop transportation improvements that result in equitable outcomes so that all people, regardless of background have the same opportunity to live happy, productive, and healthy lives. To accomplish this, equity is embedded within the technical work and within the outreach program. 

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Where We Are Today and Where We're Going

Link21 is moving toward Project Identification with the help of strong partnerships with megaregional agencies and the community. Together, we are working to create a faster, more connected train system across the 21-county Northern California Megaregion that provides equitable, affordable, and accessible travel for future generations.

Check out our timeline or visit our current planning activities page to see where we are in the process and how Link21 will unfold over the coming years.