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Transforming Passenger Rail in Northern California

Link21 is working with the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) and our partners to transform Northern California's passenger rail network into a faster, more integrated system that provides safe, efficient, equitable, and affordable travel for everyone. At the core of Link21 is a new transbay passenger rail crossing between Oakland and San Francisco.

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Man talking to Link21 staff at a grassroots event

Link with us for better connected train service in Northern California

Get involved with Link21 and join the conversation. Learn about the Program, take the travel quiz, and sign up to receive updates and stay in the know about upcoming events.

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Unlocking Travel Possibilities with a Second Transbay Crossing

To amplify rider connection and benefits already planned by our partner agencies across the Megaregion, Link21 is planning a second underground train crossing between San Francisco and Oakland/East Bay to accommodate Regional Rail, BART, or perhaps both in the future. Concepts will be developed, evaluated, and refined to identify project(s) to move forward into environmental review.

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We’re Reimagining Rail

We kicked off Phase 1: Project Identification in early 2022. Over the next two years the Program will work closely with partners, stakeholders, and the public to explore project concepts.

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A group of masked passengers stands inside a busy BART train.

Northern California Residents on the Move

To understand current travel needs, key destinations to which our residents are traveling, and how population growth will impact future travel, Link21 conducted a Market Analysis, the most detailed and comprehensive travel analysis ever performed for the 21-county Northern California Megaregion.

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Daniel Mitchell Lucia Griselda speaking with Link21 CEC staff

A Solid Foundation Centered on Equity Guides Planning

Our strong partnerships with community members, organization leaders, agency partners, technical specialists, and other key leaders across the Megaregion will continue to grow as we work together for a better, more equitable future. Learn more about what we’ve accomplished thus far.

Where We Are Today and Where We're Going

We are conducting research and collecting community input to plan the best passenger rail transportation system for Northern California.

Check out our timeline to see where we are in the process and how Link21 will unfold over the coming years. 

Phase 0

Program Definition

Started 2019

Phase 1

Concept Identification

Started 2022 (We are here)

Phase 2

Project Selection

Starts 2024

Phase 3

Project Delivery

Starts 2028