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Starting in mid-June, visit our Online Open House anytime, 24/7, to learn more about our recent analysis of the different benefits the train technologies — standard-gauge (Regional Rail) and broad-gauge (BART) — can provide, such as service, mobility, and equity. 


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Link21 Program Director Sadie Graham assists attendees of an open house in filling out a comment card.

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Passenger loading bicycle onto Amtrak train

A Decision on the Horizon

We have identified early preliminary differentiators and trade-offs with BART or Regional Rail in the train crossing. We want to understand what's most important to you. Your input will help us identify a train technology recommendation for action by the BART and Capitol Corridor Boards of Directors next year.

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BART train pulling into a station

Imagine a More Connected Future

A new train crossing connecting the San Francisco / Peninsula to Oakland / East Bay will provide needed service reliability and redundancy. It improves train operation and service by better connecting BART and Regional Rail networks, increasing train frequency, and providing enhanced or new stations in communities that are not served by trains today. Link21 will benefits riders and communities near the crossing and throughout the Megaregion. 

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Community member talking to Link21 staff at a grassroots event

Focusing on Today, While Planning for the Future

As we continue to recover post-pandemic, Link21 is working to better understand community needs that have access to rail today, and those who could benefit from service in the future. This understanding is helping the Program to identify service improvements and the needed infrastructure to achieve desired service. Stakeholder and public input, along with technical studies are helping to guide the development and refinement of service and concepts that will offer travel solutions for generations to come. To learn more visit our Current Planning Activities page.

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Community member talking to Link21 staff at a grassroots event

A Solid Foundation Centered on Equity Guides Planning

Equity is an integral part of the Link21 Program and is embedded in planning and analysis work, as well as throughout stakeholder and public engagement. Equitable engagement creates opportunities to garner understanding of community experience, resident sentiments, and knowledge from those who have lived experience with transportation and infrastructure inequities.

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Where We Are Today and Where We're Going

We are collecting input, identifying service improvements and associated infrastructure needs to reach desired service that will create an integrated passenger train network for Northern California and allow future generations to travel easily throughout the Megaregion.

Check out our timeline to see where we are in the process and how Link21 will unfold over the coming years.