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Transforming Passenger Rail in Northern California

Link21 is working with the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) and our partners to transform Northern California's passenger rail network into a faster, more integrated system that provides safe, efficient, equitable, and affordable travel for everyone. At the core of Link21 is a new transbay passenger rail crossing between Oakland and San Francisco.

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We're Reimagining Rail

The Link21 Team has made great progress in defining a vision for the Program to best connect people, places, and possibilities across the Northern California Megaregion. In Phase 1, we will be developing concepts with our partners and members of the public to realize this vision. Learn how we’re reimagining passenger rail with the four building blocks of Link21. 

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Map of the Northern California Megaregion

The Benefits of Link21 Are Game‑changing

New passenger rail connections will help you get to the places you want to go and protect our environment from the harmful greenhouse gas emissions of cars. Link21 will have a positive impact on the environment by creating jobs, advancing equity, and tackling the climate crisis.

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We're Committed to Equity and Inclusion

Read our equity vision statement to learn how Link21 is working hard to deliver a better passenger rail system to transit-dependent riders, communities harmed by past infrastructure projects, and individuals with limited access to housing, jobs, and opportunities.

We want as many voices and perspectives as possible. Learn how you can get involved with Link21.

Where We Are Today and Where We're Going

We are conducting research and collecting community input to plan the best passenger rail transportation system for Northern California.

Check out our timeline to see where we are in the process and how Link21 will unfold over the coming years. 

Phase 0

Program Definition

Started 2019

Phase 1

Program Identification

Started 2022

We are here

Phase 2

Project(s) Selection

Starts 2024

Phase 3

Project(s) Delivery

Starts 2029

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Looking Towards the Future

As new travel patterns emerge in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, transportation planning must continue for the future to fulfill our commitment to fast, frequent, safe, reliable, and comfortable passenger rail service for Northern Californians.