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Link21 Business Case: Framework to Deliver Best Value

For a broad-reaching and transformational program such as Link21, there will be countless ideas and options to improve the megaregional rail network. The Link21 Business Case is a framework by which these solutions will be systematically evaluated against a number of criteria. By proceeding through the Business Case, only the best-performing solutions move forward in the program. 
The Link21 Business Case will encompass four main areas:

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Strategic Case

How well concepts and alternatives meet the program’s goals and objectives of transforming the passenger experience, enhancing community, equity, and livability, supporting economic growth and global competitiveness, and advancing environmental stewardship and protection.

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Economic Case

How well the concepts and alternatives enhance connectivity, population and employment growth, and the environment in the Northern California Megaregion, and how they deliver societal benefits that exceed costs. 

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Financial Case

What it will cost to deliver and operate the new system, how much revenue it will generate, and what funding might be used to pay for the rail improvements.

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Deliverability & Operations Case

What is required to manage, deliver (design and construct), and operate the new rail system.

The Business Case will be used through all phases of the Link21 Program, starting with high-level analyses and getting more detailed as the Program evolves.