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Link21 Market Analysis: Where People Travel

When implemented, Link21 will transform the passenger rail network in the Northern California Megaregion into a faster, more integrated rail system. 

The Link21 Market Analysis will help determine which Northern California locations and corridors have the greatest potential to meet the Program's goals. The analysis spans all 21 counties and is the most detailed and comprehensive travel analysis ever performed for the Northern California Megaregion. 

The Market Analysis looks at how people throughout the Megaregion currently travel by both transit and automobile. It uses innovative market modeling supported by demographic information and traveler surveys. 

Many factors are being considered in the analysis. For example:

  • Location of existing rail stations
  • Existing population and future trends
  • Existing travel patterns by rail, transit, car, and other travel modes
  • Key travel markets, such as major employment centers, residential communities, shopping and entertainment spots, and other similar hubs
  • Potential that travel would be conducted by rail, if rail were convenient and affordable
  • Unmet demand for rail service, including future projections

The Market Analysis is particularly focused on making sure that priority populations are served by the rail improvements. The Link21 Team is carefully considering priority populations in the analysis.

The Link21 Market Analysis is based on prepandemic travel data. The Link21 Team plans to address the potential long-term impacts of COVID-19 on travel patterns by looking at different assumptions for population, jobs, telecommuting, and travel growth.

By determining which locations will best be served by the integrated rail system, the public can be assured that the Link21 projects will offer the highest value to Northern Californians.