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Service Improvements

Imagine a More Connected Future

Instead of waiting in traffic for hours, wouldn't you enjoy being able to get home quickly on a train? Imagine a future with a faster, more connected train network that provides you safe, efficient, equitable, and affordable travel whether going to work, school, to visit family, or for fun.  Picture the possibilities with access to easy and convenient train service.

There are many different factors that make up train service and ultimately, it’s the service provided that creates the passenger experience. For example, service speaks to the train system schedule, travel time to reach your destination, frequency of trains, ease of payment, the experience riding the train, and more.

Link21’s foundational goal is to transform the passenger experience and one important way to do this is to improve train service. The Link21 Team has been connecting with communities across Northern California to better understand travel needs and, in response to what we have heard, are working to identify concepts that will support the desired service changes to meet evolving needs. Service is one of the four concept building blocks of Link21. Markets, service, train technology, and the infrastructure to support make up the concept solution for a new train crossing of the Bay. Service improvements we are considering include:

  • Longer hours: extended service on nights and weekends
  • Reliability: timely departure and arrival
  • Faster travel times: quick arrival to your destination
  • Frequency: more trip options and shorter wait times
  • Convenience: easier transfers and better connections
  • More capacity and resiliency: service redundancy to reduce crowding and maintain travel options during service disruptions
  • Equity: increased train service access for marginalized neighborhoods, the transit dependent, and access to important destinations
  • Clean and green trains: improved sustainability of service that reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Service Improvements With a New Crossing

Link21 is studying which train technology should be built first within the new Transbay crossing between Oakland and San Francisco. A new crossing provides service redundancy and reliability by allowing trains to operate across the Bay should one crossing temporarily be taken out of service. A new crossing makes the existing train network function better in Northern California while also offering new or improved service to riders. Service enhancements include reduced travel time and increased frequency, with faster transfer opportunities for riders in the Megaregion.

Select Proposed Service Improvement

BART Train Technology in the Crossing

BART train technology (broad-gauge track) provides riders with Urban | Metro service and improved connections to Intercity | Express service on the Regional Rail network. See examples of how BART technology providing Urban | Metro service in the new crossing could transform and improve today’s trips from Martinez to Mission Bay/UCSF or from Fremont to 4th & Townsend.