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Get Involved

Want to get more involved with Link21? Here are some ways you can contribute to this transformative project:

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Join the Journey

Come to one of our community pop-ups and learn what we're doing to bring connected and convenient passenger rail to your region. 

See upcoming events

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Help Build Better Rail

Whether or not you ride rail, we want to know more about your experience traveling through the Megaregion. Your input will help us build your ideal passenger rail network.

Take the Link21 Service Survey

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Show us what you know!

Learn about travel patterns in Northern California and the big data we’re using to bring you convenient and connected passenger rail.

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Let us know your thoughts!

Your input will help us shape Link21 to best serve your community and Northern California as a whole.

Send us a comment or question

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Explore opportunities for businesses to partner with BART to improve travel in the Bay Area.

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Sign up to receive project updates, upcoming events or business opportunities.

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Leave us a voicemail at 855-905-Link (5465).

We take your privacy very seriously and will never share your contact information. View our privacy policy.