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Current Planning Activities

In early 2022, Link21 moved from Phase 0: Program Definition into Phase 1: Concept Identification. While early work established Link21 Goals and Objectives and set the Program's foundation, Phase 1 will build upon that to identify potential Link21 concepts starting with a new underground train crossing of the San Francisco Bay.

The Link21 team is working closely with agency partners, community stakeholders, and the public to identify and refine concepts that will improve existing train service and access to diverse communities, specifically those that have been historically marginalized. Phase 1 lays the groundwork for investments in projects that Link21 and our partners could design and build to meet travel needs while preserving our quality of life for future generations.

Concepts include the following:

  • A new underground train crossing of the Bay (Regional Rail or BART)
  • Improved services and links between BART and Regional Rail
  • Infrastructure enhancements (crossing, stations, tracks)

Concepts must be able to operate and provide benefits on their own, and not impede other planned and proposed projects. An initial list of concepts will go through several rounds of evaluation and refinement to advance concept(s) to environmental review.

Concept Identification Process

Project identification process infographic


STEP 1: Concept Exploration
Test concepts to inform the initial list

STEP 2: Evaluation/Refinement
Evaluate initial concepts

STEP 3: Evaluation/Refinement
Evaluate refined concepts

STEP 4: Concept Identification
Advance concept(s) to environmental review

At each step, the public will have the opportunity to provide input into the technical evaluation process and results.

The Link21 Team works directly with communities through our ongoing grassroots program and co-creation efforts. We connect with communities across the Megaregion at key milestones in the technical work, where timely input is critical to decision-making.

Learn more about our concepts and how to get involved now and throughout Phase 1.