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Bay Area Council - Transportation Committee: Future of Rail in Bay Area and Beyond

Past event

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11:00 am
12:30 pm


Pier 9, The Historic Klamath, The Embarcadero at Broadway 
San Francisco, CA 94111 


The Bay Area Council works to make it faster, easier, and more comfortable to move around the Bay Area.  

Join the Bay Area Council Transportation Committee for an important conversation about the future of rail. California High Speed Rail Authority, Link21, and the Transbay Powers Authority are all presenting on their megaprojects that plan to connect the Bay Area with the 21-county Northern California Megaregion. Come listen to Link21’s presentation and discuss what the future holds for the three largest capital transit projects in the state. The event will be held virtual and in-person. Register for the event here: Seatrobot - Registration 

Category: Community Presentation