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Example Concepts

The Link21 Team is developing possible passenger rail solutions – which we call concepts – that would greatly improve rail travel across Northern California. Our initial example concepts presented here include a new passenger rail crossing of the San Francisco Bay and other improvements. These concepts bring the Program closer to identifying rail improvements that will transform your passenger experience.

By adding a new passenger rail crossing between Oakland and San Francisco, Link21 could help relieve the biggest transportation bottleneck in Northern California. Travelers across Northern California can look forward to improved travel time between major destinations in the Megaregion.

Each example concept shows an innovative way to connect and build upon existing rail services , address unmet demand, and make riding rail a better, more equitable experience.

Megaregional Benefits of a New Transbay Crossing

The new Link21 transbay crossing would build upon other rail projects and programs in the Megaregion and would forge better connection points between the BART and Regional Rail systems for easier transfers. With the improvements to rail travel provided by Link21 and other agencies in the Megaregion, people will be able to travel easier to many places by rail. 

Megaregion concept map

BART, Regional Rail, or Both

The Link21 example concepts include options for a Regional Rail crossing and options for a second BART crossing. They can also be combined into concepts with both a BART crossing and a Regional Rail crossing.

With a new Regional Rail crossing, travelers would benefit from:

  • Improved travel time and frequency, with faster transfer opportunities​
  • More capacity and redundant services between BART and Regional Rail to improve reliability and offer more travel choices
  • Potential expanded service hours

With a new BART crossing, travelers would benefit from:

  • Improved reliability by providing service redundancy in the event of a shut down on the system
  • Increased train frequency across the Bay
  • Potential expanded hours of operation (more late night and early morning options)

Explore the Possibilities

On the maps below, you can see how proposed rail lines (thicker lines) connect to the existing BART or Regional Rail network (thinner lines). You can also see potential new stations and potential new transfer stations between BART and Regional Rail.

Click on the information dots to read key information about the concept you selected. Have fun exploring!

Select an example concept

Combined Concept A

With this combined concept, the BART and Regional Rail lines would be built together underneath the San Francisco Bay. This combined concept would serve new communities and open up incredible opportunities for seamless rail travel across Northern California. With new transfer points between BART and Regional Rail, travelers have more flexibility and convenience in their trips.