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Equity Advisory Council

The Equity Advisory Council (EAC) will help shape Link21's planning of passenger rail improvements in the Northern California Megaregion. The EAC will provide a space for meaningful community collaboration to advance equity throughout the Program.

Member responsibilities include:
    •    Participating in virtual meetings every other month
    •    Providing input on policy development, and proposals for the Program
    •    Making formal recommendations to the Program team

Membership and Commitment

The EAC Charter lays out the guiding vision for the Council as one mechanism for ensuring equity is embedded into the work of Link21. It provides a foundation for the Council and represents a high-level overview of the authority, scope, and roles necessary for its success.

The EAC will consist of up to 20 members representing diverse geographies and demographics. Link21 is seeking individuals with lived or professional familiarity in technical and/or policy areas such as passenger rail transportation and land use, housing, environmental, environmental justice, and economic development.

EAC membership will reflect the diversity of the Megaregion, including low-income communities and communities of color that have been most impacted by transportation inequities, youth, and other communities that have historically been underserved.

Meetings will be held virtually via videoconferencing every other month starting in October 2022. Committee members can serve up to a two-year term.

Members will be compensated for their service on the EAC in accordance with the Link21 Honorarium Pilot Guidelines.