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Equity Advisory Council

The Equity Advisory Council (EAC) is helping shape Link21's planning of passenger rail improvements in the Northern California Megaregion. The EAC provides a space for meaningful community collaboration to advance equity throughout the development and implementation of the Link21 Program. EAC member responsibilities include:

  • Participating in virtual meetings every other month
  • Providing input on Link21 work and proposals
  • Making formal recommendations to the Program team

Membership and Commitment

The EAC Charter lays out the guiding vision for the Council as one mechanism for ensuring equity is embedded into the work of Link21. It provides a foundation for the Council and represents a high-level overview of the authority, scope, and roles necessary for its success. The EAC consists of up to 20 members representing diverse geographies and demographics and serving as an advisory body to the Link21 Program. Members bring their lived experience or professional familiarity in technical and/or policy areas such as passenger rail transportation and land use, housing, environmental, environmental justice, transit justice, and economic development.

EAC membership reflects the diversity of the Megaregion, including low-income communities and communities of color that have been most impacted by transportation inequities, youth, and other communities that have historically been marginalized.

Committee members can serve up to a two-year term and are compensated for their service on the EAC in accordance with the Link21 Honorarium Pilot Guidelines. To learn more about the general function and administration of the EAC including the roles and responsibilities of the members, please view the EAC Bylaws.

EAC Member Roster

After a rigorous selection process, Link21 is proud to announce that they have appointed 18 community members to the inaugural EAC. The 18 members represent the diversity of the 21 county Megaregion and will be compensated for contributing their time, perspective, and expertise to the EAC. Members will serve two-year terms.

EAC Members include:



Ameerah Thomas Oakland
Angela E. Hearring Natomas Crossing (Sacramento)
Beth Kenny Alameda
Clarence R. Fischer Cherryland (Unincorporated Alameda County)
Cory Mickels Bayview (San Francisco)
David Sorrell Union City
David Ying San Leandro
Elizabeth Madrigal Seaside (Monterey Bay)
Fiona Yim Central Berkeley
Gracyna Mohabir Silver Leaf (San Jose)
Harun David Richmond
Landon Hill Coliseum (Oakland)
Linda Braak Davis
Mica Amichai Prescott (West Oakland)
Samia Zuber San Francisco
Stevon Cook Oakland
Taylor Booker Hercules
Vanessa Ross Aquino San Francisco

EAC Meetings

Upcoming EAC Meetings



February 14, 2023

1-3:30 pm

February 28, 2023

1-3:30 pm

April 18, 2023

1-3:30 pm

June 20, 2023

6-8:30 pm

EAC Meeting #4 Recording 

August 22, 2023

EAC Meeting #5 Presentation

1-3:30 pm

EAC Meeting #5 Recording

October 17, 2023 6-8:30 pm
November 28, 2023 1-3:30 pm

Meetings are held virtually and open to the public for brief comments, with live streaming hosted by BART.
Meeting agendas and minutes will be posted to this website.

More Helpful Info

Meeting agendas will be posted at least five (5) days prior each EAC meeting. Related materials will also be posted to this page, such as staff reports and other items, at least three (3) days prior to each meeting.  
Meeting minutes shall be posted on the BART and Link21 website within one (1) week following approval by the EAC.   
To contact the EAC, please email

The Link21 Team is committed to ensuring that information is available in appropriate formats to meet the requirements of persons with disabilities. If you require an alternative version of a file, please email